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How to Survive Financially When Sickness Comes

Every time too ill to work, you’ll likely be receiving statutory sick pay.Although [this can be helpful, it’s usually not enough to survive on, especially for long periods.Luckily, there are several other forms of help that can let you ride out financially when you’re just too sick to work.


As a safeguard, you could look into taking out sick pay insurance from a company a reputable provider. This can help you pay your bills while you are ill.If you are self-employed and get no sick pay, this can be a nifty form of financial security.This may not help a lot if you’re already ill and need moreimmediate funding, but the idea here is to be ready for a future need.

Rights Awareness

Apart from sick pay, you may be legally entitled to other funding, such as disability benefits for particular chronic conditions. You should also look into legal compensation if you were hurt in an accident that was obviously somebody else’s fault. You will find lots of solicitors out there working with thesetypes of claims. This compensation can come in handy when you’re not working and can even help with your medication.

Online Income

If you’re not that ill that you can’t use a computer or a phone, you can consider small ways to make some cash online.For example, join online survey sites or if you can write and create graphics, you will find plenty of freelance opportunities as well.Most of jobs may be done in your own time and in your own home, and aren’t physically demanding.

Selling for Cash

You can scan through your clutter while you’re ill (as long as you’re not that sick to do this activity) and maybe find a few things that you can sell for a little spare cash.You may find valuable items that you can sell through sites that allow you to offer stuff to local folks – just make sure to set it for pick up so you don’t have to go anywhere.You might even be able to make some cash from old and unused furniture or electronic devices.Just look around and see what’s there, and be decisive.


If you are facing serious financial challenges, check if you’re eligible as a beneficiary of any local charity.There are lots of charities that give help to those who are ill with no support or people who only make up to a certain level of income.If you’ve been hesitating merely for pride, it’s about time you moved past that.