Exceptional Options for the Proper De Addiction Treatment Now

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You can overcome addiction. The goal is to help patients heal through a personalized, intensive program that follows the steps through a combination of methods: medical treatment, psychotherapy and complementary therapies. The program has been built with great care during a professional practice experience of over 30 years.

Patients benefit from non-stop care. The staff is made up of 27 addicted therapists, nurses, psychiatrists, and resident physicians. So far, over 8,000 addicts have been treated.

Why to choose the center?

Addiction is a complex disease, of which there are many prejudices that can destroy lives, families, businesses and companies. Detoxification is only the first step on recovery. Treatment costs in a residential rehabilitation center are relatively high, but the cost of continuing addiction is comparatively much higher. Find out why the center is the best option to treat addiction in Europe.


The privacy policy helps patients protect their identity. The confidentiality of each patient is an essential working principle. No details of those who contact or follow us at the clinic are ever shared. Your personal information is safe. At the lighthouse treatment center the options are there.

Choosing a good rehabilitation center?

  • The centers are lucky in France but also in Europe, to have very competent rehabilitation centers and above all very varied. To choose your center, you must first determine your needs. Why is your doctor sending you to a rehab center?
  • If it is to follow the care started during your hospitalization, it will be necessary to choose a center whose or whose specialties correspond to your needs.
  • There are specialists at the center who have a decisive role in the choice of the center but there is also the quality of monitoring and equipment. A good center will offer patients personalized follow-up, in line with the patient’s needs, specified by the attending physician.
  • Each patient has special needs that must be taken into account. The quality of equipment is also important in the choice of center. Everything must be on the spot.

Reeducation center

Also think about where the center is. Do you need the peace of the countryside? Is the center far from where you live? Can your relatives easily come to see you?

Ask for advice from your doctors. Do not hesitate to read the blogs on the internet by putting a reserve however. The opinions of the patients are subjective. Most complementary health care reimburse these rehabilitation courses. If this is not the case of your mutual, go to this comparison of mutual to find one that will ensure an optimal refund.

Their expectations are theirs but may not be yours. It would be best to go to the rehabilitation center, visit it, talk to the medical staff before making your choice. Take the time to visit the facilities and surroundings.